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Who relies on us?

We have enhanced and streamlined the process of connecting employers with engineering professionals from our robust local network of qualified candidates across multiple engineering disciplines.

We know the history and current pulse of the local candidate pool and technical job market. Our clients rely on us to advise them regarding trends in hiring, availability of industry-specific skill sets, engineering salaries, time to hire, benefit packages, overall compensation, and more.

Our deep regional experience enables firms and candidates to avoid issues associated with non-local hiring such as scheduling hassles, travel or relocation expenses, and potential concerns about regional culture-fit.

Our comprehensive local recruiting and engineering staffing solutions deliver the staffing support that ranks our technical staffing agency among the best engineer staffing agencies in its class.

Our employer clients and our network of community engineering professionals alike view our suite of engineering staffing services as a trusted valuable resource for achieving their business goals.

In a combined 50+ year management team experience, the team has worked with Fortune 500 companies that include, but are not limited to:

  • IBM Corp
  • Apple
  • nVidia Corp
  • Intel Corp.
  • AMD Corp
  • Oracle Corp

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