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Document Scanning & Indexing Solutions

Health Care Document Management Software to manage electronic medical records (EMR). Scanning and elimination of paper-based medical records using scanning technology is the first step to implement electronic medical record (EMR) document management for hospitals and clinics. nForce is your source for medical document imaging services for physicians and healthcare plan administration.

The full spectrum of document imaging services including barcode recognition to index your documents automatically. Using high-speed production scanners and barcode recognition software, your documents are saved into the appropriate folders and an index is created for integration into document management software systems. The barcode recognition process captures information from bar-code sheets that are inserted into your document files, folders and document groups during the preparation process.

Enterprise Document Management - scan active and inactive medical records, index and create separate document types, and update a patient's chart and medical record and store medical records electronically. we scan medical record charts and paper medical records to digital format to integrate into EMR software.


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