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nForce is always looking for creative, talented, and driven team players who are searching for a rewarding career within the IT & Healthcare IT industry. If you would like to be at the center of an innovative, leading-edge, growing company, please email us at careers@nForcecorp.com

We are always looking for the qualified stack additions(below) to our teams, because our needs are constantly evolving we encourage you to send in your resume to us even if you do not exactly have the the skills/tools given below, our clients have vast technology spaces and this is only a partial stack.

AI/ML, CNN/DNN/Neural Networks, C C++ C#, Apache suite, Java, JScript, Scripting ( Shell/Bash, Expect PERL Python Java etc), Ruby on Rails/Django/SpringBoot, React/Preact, Angular,Vue.js. Ember.js. JQuery Semantic-UI Backbone.js. VB.net, CUDA, WPF, LINQ , MongoDB/ MySql/SqL Server/Oracle, Apache Spark/Julia/D3.js/Jupyter,   GUI design, UX Design, Audio/Video, GPU processing and MPEG compression systems - 3D/2D graphics and real time data visualization, ADO, WCF, WF, WPF, CUDA, GPU, Vista Infragistics, Expression Blend, GPU, Direct Show,  MFC, Activex COM,  RTL based ASIC design, full custom design, DSP, embedded microcontrollers, volatile and non-volatile FPGA and structured ASICs/SOCs.  Verilog/Sys Verilog, RTL Design, SAP, AWS, Azure, Google, Android, DV CPU/ASIC/SOC, RTOS(QNX, VxWorks, ThreadX)

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