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Our Services

We appreciate your knowledge and skills and strive to match those skills with clients who will value your contributions to their business.

At nForce, we offer individualized payroll services that fall into the following types of employment:

  • Contract IT Placement
    We offer IT consultants an extensive client network and the benefit of our solid reputation in the consulting industry. It\'s our goal to keep you working!
  • Permanent IT Placement
    We specialize in matching IT professionals to clients with difficult to fill permanent positions. We also offer contract-to-hire options so that both the client and IT professional may evaluate the job fit and full time employment.
  • Payroll Services
    We can accommodate the following types of individual work status:
    • Corp-to-Corp – Corporation to Corporation
      We can accommodate the Corp-to-Corp status by sub-contracting the worker from another company. In this case, the sub-contractor periodically invoices nForce for services rendered by the worker. The invoices are accompanied by client-approved timesheets and are paid according to the schedule agreed to by both parties
    • W2/Employee
      This is a standard Employer/Employee arrangement in which an employee is paid an hourly rate for work performed. nForce withholds applicable taxes from your paycheck, according to federal and state guidelines.
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